In CALAF GRUP 1964, S.L.O. (from now on CALAF GRUP or company) we are committed to ensuring that personal information from users who give in to the official website as with other access to social networks and the Internet (from now on, .Web siteloc) is protected and not misused.

That is why the purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain who is responsible for treatment, for what purpose its personal information will be treated, for legitimation for treatment, how we collect it, why we collect it, how we use it and the rights that assist it.

Therefore, by using the website and providing our personal data on a voluntary basis, we understand that you have read and understood the terms of the Privacy Policy in relation to your personal data.

In this respect, CALAF GRUP assumes responsibility for complying with existing national and European data protection legislation in force at the moment and aims to treat its data in a legal, loyal and transparent manner.

The current Web Privacy Policy may be modified for any legal adaptation to future legislative or jurisprudential developments, in any case the user’s personal data processing will be regulated by the Data Protection Policy that was in force at the time of navigation, and it is therefore recommended that whenever connected to the website it should read the present as well as its legal notice.


Who manages their personal data?
Personal data collected directly from the user when connected to the website will be treated confidentially and incorporated into the relevant Proceeding Activities Register:
Responsible for treatment: CALAF GRUP 1964, S.L.U.

CIF: B66145574

Social Domitil: Carretera de Manresa, 50-60 08280 CALAF

Phone: +34 938 680 306

Mercantile record of Barcelona

Email rgpd@calafgrup.com



What is the purpose of dealing with your personal data, and why are we entitled to treat your personal data?

The only personal data that CALAF GRUP will have access to will be those that the Users will voluntarily provide.

In this respect, the User must be aware that in order to access services offered via the Web as well as access to the Portal area of the Worker, personal data, users and passwords will be requested and sometimes the filling of forms in which data or mandatory fields are indicated with the *. symbol. If you do not provide these fields, or do not mark the checkbox for acceptance of privacy policy, you will not allow the submission of information. It usually has the following formula: “

 I read and accept the Privacy Policy.”

If you do not fill the mandatory data, you will not be able to:

  • Access the whole or part of the website services.
  • Get the services we offer.
  • Take care of their requests.

It must understand that there are certain personal data which are required to comply with certain legal requirements, as well as to conclude the services requested contractually. For these reasons, we are always committed to dealing with their data in accordance with the rules in force.

On the other hand, if you sign in through social networks you allow us to collect and deal with the data you have authorised, to be publicly shared by setting up this third-party solution. We will therefore be able to use these data to complete the information obtained directly from you.

We will be able to treat your personal data for the purposes we indicate, in accordance with the following legitimation basis:

  • Contract:Because we need to deal with their personal data in order to be able to formalise the contract of the services requested, as well as in order to be able to implement it and fulfil the obligations deriving from it.
  • Legal requirement: Because there is a law that requires us to collect and treat your personal data.
  • Legal interest: Because we have a legitimate interest in ensuring the continued improvement of our services
  • Consentiment: Because you have expressly and voluntarily expressed your consent or requested information from us.
Uses for contractual purpose

We will deal with your personal data for contractual purposes, that is, in order to fulfil our contractual commitments on the basis of your relationship, for:

  • The management, formalization, compliance and development of the contract with regard to the services contracted or requested.
  • Create your user account and allow you to log in to the worker’s portal.

Use in order to comply with a legal obligation

We are entitled to deal with their data when exercising one of the laws that apply to it in the field of data protection, as it is necessary for compliance with obligations in the field of data protection, in particular in the area of the attention of the rights of stakeholders, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 12 to 22 of the aforementioned Regulation and Articles 12 to 18 of the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December for the Protection of Personal Data and the Guarantee of Digital Rights.

Uses for legitimate interest

If he is already a customer and has received updates and information on products and services similar to those he had already hired with CALAF Group, unless he has told us, or tells us otherwise, we will continue to send information on the basis of the legitimate interest of CALAF GROUP, based on keeping him informed and up-to-date on products or services that may be of interest.

We will deal with your personal data for quality or opinion surveys, web maintenance or telephone tapping.

Uses based on their consent

The consent for the processing of your data for the purposes described in the present paragraph will be understood to be provided through the marking of the corresponding boxes arranged for this purpose in web forms by expressing your consent, or other demonstrations or conduct that indicate unambiguously that you accept treatment, depending on the product, the website, the service or the application you are using.

In particular, we will need your consent in the following treatments:

  • To manage queries or requests you make through emails from web sites or via contact form.
  • To provide him with information on content and custom offers that may be of interest, given the Cookies installed. To be able to handle cookies you will have to turn to the website cookies policy.
  • To manage your personal data to participate in surveys or tests relating to our services.
  • To allow sharing information from our website via email or via social media.

I don’t want to receive more publicity

  • If you do not want to receive more commercial communications, send an email with your email, Name and Last Name and DNI number to the


What kind of personal data do we deal with about you?

The personal data that may be processed will be the minimum and necessary for the purposes previously indicated and for this purpose the following:

  • Identifying data: first name, last name, national identity document or foreign identity number.
  • Contact data: fixed phone, mobile phone, email address.data: data provided by the stakeholders themselves in the open fields of forms that may appear on the website.
  • Web navigation or third-party navigation with which we have reached agreement.
  • Date the last visit was created, as well as its IP address and web access times.
  • Username, passwords and other credentials of this type are used to authenticate users and validate their actions in the worker’s portal area.
  • Cookies: Through their navigation, they can be installed on their different cookies device in accordance with our Cookies Policy.



There are access to Social Networks, as has been indicated previously, in order to report on the company, access to the customer’s area and control and monitoring of the service, that is to say, everything relating to the services contracted and offering CALAF GROUP.

With regard to social networks, the user will be able to access directly or via the web link or link but in any case these social networks are likely to have their own privacy policies, by which they will explain to them how they use and share their personal information. We recommend that you carefully review privacy policies before using these social networks to be sure that you agree with the way in which your personal information is collected and shared.



To whom do we communicate or give up their personal data?

We report that their data will not be transferred to third parties unless necessary for the following assumptions.

Communication of data by a legal obligation

When a rule permits it and, in particular, when one of the following assumptions occurs: a) Treatment or cession is aimed at satisfying a legitimate interest of the person responsible for the treatment or the dealership covered by that rule; b) The treatment or cession of the data is necessary for the person responsible for the treatment to fulfil a duty imposed on him.

Data communication for compliance with a contractual obligation

For the development, compliance and control of the relationship with you regarding the service contracted with CALAF Group.

In this respect, their data may be communicated to third parties, suppliers or professional services where necessary for the proper enforcement of the previously stated legal and or contractual obligations. These providers will not treat their data for their own purposes that have not been previously reported by CALAF GROUP.

In cases where access to data by third parties is guaranteed for better management and provision of services, CALAF GROUP guarantees that confidentiality is maintained in the processing of personal data. In any case, the contract of the person responsible for treatment with the suppliers will be signed.

International Data Transfer

CALAF GROUP will not carry out any international data transfers, but in the event that some of the CALAF suppliers needed to comply with, monitor and manage the relationship with you regarding the contracted service, are located in territories outside the European Economic Area (the countries of the European Union plus Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway), CALAF GROUP will adopt the appropriate guarantees and always ensure the integrity and confidentiality of its data.



The veracity of their data is important and must be updated.

The web user and recipient of the services provided will be solely responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data provided, acting CALAF good faith group as a mere provider of the service. It is important, therefore, that the data provided be true, accurate and lawful, with CALAF group reserved the right to exclude from services users who have provided false data, without prejudice to the possibility of legal proceedings, and you undertake to report on the changes your personal data may suffer, so that CALAF GROUP is always updated.



How long can we keep their personal data?

CALAF GROUP will retain its Personal Data as long as the contractual or business relationship lasts and until necessary to carry out the purposes set out in the present Privacy Policy. After that time, we will only maintain personal data for the enforcement of our legal obligations, as well as those derived from the relationship with you, including the time period in which a judge or court may require them, in accordance with the period of limitation of legal proceedings.

The data processed will be kept until the legal deadlines referred to above expire, if there is a legal obligation to maintain, or if there is no legal deadline, until the person concerned requests their deletion or finalises the consent given.


Website navigation, social networks will mean that we deal with their personal data to personalise their experience and remind them of our services.

For this reason cookies are used which can be used for more information in the cookies policy.


As regards safety and protection, the CALAF GRUP report has the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure the safety of personal data for which it is responsible and to prevent its disruption, loss, treatment or unauthorised access, in accordance with Article 32 of the GDR.


What are their rights?


The rights you can exercise in relation to your personal data are:


 Access Law
Right to know which data you are handling
 Approve revocation
Right to withdraw consent at any time when you gave us permission to treat your data
Letter of amendment
Right to re-check or complete your data if these are inaccurate
Opposition law
Right to oppose treatments based on legitimate interest
Delete Right
Right to remove your data when they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected
Limit Right
The right to limit the processing of your data (in certain cases, expressly provided for in the regulation)
Portability Right
The right to be given your data (data processed for the execution of the products and services and data we treat with your consent) so that you can pass them on to another person responsible.

Rights references will be able to exercise them by writing to:

  • Entity: CALAF GRUP 1964, S.L.U.
  • Domicile Social: Carretera de Manresa, 50-60 08280 CALAF
  • Phone: +34 938 680 306
  • Email rgpd@calafgrup.com

Especially when you have not obtained satisfaction in exercising your rights, you have the right to make a complaint to the national control authority. To this end, it must be addressed to the Spanish Data Protection Agency: C/ Jorge Juan, 6, 28001-Madrid.



This policy can be modified by changes to the requirements laid down by the legislation in force at each time, by judicial decisions and by judicial changes, as well as by changes in the company’s business performance and strategy, for this reason users are advised to periodically review the Privacy Policy in force at each time.