Our clients are provided with every single product and service which is necessary for the creation of experiences and unique spaces through the use of mobile units, modules and content for all kinds of spaces.

We are experts in assembling entire experiences.

We carry out comprehensive projects, from the conceptual idea to its performance. Thanks to our technical capacity –for designing, manufacturing, assembling, maintaining and transporting the created space–, everything is possible.

Every single step is processed with the latest technological innovations: chassis’ manufacturing, metallic-structure design, hydraulic manufacturing and the production of every component located inside the space. In addition, we test units to verify every legal requirement is accomplished.

Space creating, manufacturing and assembling

Our clients are provided with our human and technical abilities, as well as our experience when collaborating for the creation of unforgettable spaces and experiences, specifically designed for their goal. We create all types of formats: mobile unites, module travelling exhibitions and showrooms.

Mobile units

We provide all kinds of mobile units allowing the creation of extremely exclusive spaces. These are fitted to all source of unevenness and offer the greatest comfort in terms of use and occupancy.

We can design on-place solutions:

  • To create a prototype model for being rented and used temporally.
  • To apply for a specific and unique unit for its purchase.

Modules for exhibitions

We design and manufacture cutting-the-edge modules –with the best finish– in order to provide exclusive and distinctive experiences. We take advantage from the most accurate technologies and solutions of each scenario.

Logistics and transport

Thanks to our deep knowledge and experience within the field, we are experts in terms of travelling management for mobile units, module exhibitions and showrooms. We are pleased to organise your project’s logistics, assembling and transport, so you do not have to worry about it.


We have great experience in terms of spaces’ comprehensive maintenance with the highest quality and service standards, not only for the container, but also for the content itself. We take charge of the planned maintenance, as well as the corrective one. We provide accurate facilities and the human and technical resources for its accomplishment.