AMPLIA: a unique experience

AMPLIA is a company focused on creating innovative and distinctive spaces for exhibiting brands, products and ideas. We offer companies an excellent opportunity to approach their target audience.

From small regional exhibitions to large tours through Europe, we create solutions for companies –everything is possible. We provide any project’s best-container solutions, with a planned product for reaching the real-world audience.


m2 facilities




Years of experience


AMPLIA’s experience allows developing suited solutions. In addition, clients are supported in every single moment.

We carry out comprehensive projects, from the conceptual idea to its performance. Thanks to our technical capacity –for designing, manufacturing, assembling, maintaining and transporting the created space–, everything is possible.


AMPLIA works towards achieving interesting and distinctive experiences through using cutting-the-edge, technological and design innovations.

Thanks to our versatile and innovative facilities –with more than 5,000m2– we can manufacture any type of machinery, prototype or fabrication on-place in order to face different types of projects.


Throughout proactivity, commitment, passion for excellence and experience, AMPLIA labour with the highest quality standards. Quality is part of AMPLIA’s essence: we have an integrated management system –certified and consolidated– which accomplish international policies (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and UNE 166002). Our expert team –formed by highly qualified professionals– strives for satisfying our clients’ necessities through a perfect technical and visual design.

Calaf Group is committed towards their clients’ satisfaction, respecting ecosystems’ sustainable development and ensuring safe, sound and harmonic workplaces. It is also committed in terms of accomplishing legal and contractual requirements, preventing pollution, accidents at work and occupational illnesses or emergencies, as well as promoting social responsibility with their interest group.

All of that is reached in applying their knowledge in terms of providing engineering and building services along with consistently improving and innovating their processes and resources. In addition, the Group works caring for generating social, economic and environmental benefit for all stakeholders. .