We are actively part of the social group looking for environment preservation through accomplishing proposed goals by different organisms.

We promote social responsibility with interest groups through projects, including sustainability activities along the whole business process: from manufacturing materials to respect the environment where facilities are installed.

AMPLIA applies its knowledge in order to continuously improve and innovate their processes and resources, achieving the minimum impact in the environment and full safety to its human team. Thanks to all of this, we have acquired the following certificates:

  • ISO 9001: With the goal of ensuring a quality management system and meeting clients’ requirements.
  • ISO 14001. Our organization is considered “socially responsible” due to we have optimized resources and waste management and, therefore, reduced negative impact on the environment and those risks in terms of accidental situations.
  • ISO 45001: This certificate is focused on safety management and health at work, aimed to protect employees and visitors in case of accidents and occupational illnesses.
  • UNE 166002: It covers every requirement that must be met by a R&D&I management system.

In addition, we accomplish the following UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):